Out of Box Reports

Sales or Accounts Receivable

  • Analyse your sales like never before – by customer, item, Item group,  region, sales employee  and more …
  • Compare sales performance across time periods – this week vs. last week,  this month vs. last month, this year vs. last year, and more …
  • Get ready analyses for revenue growth by  customer, item, item group, region , sales employee  and more …
  • Drive collections by analysing the Top N outstanding and Sales vs. Receipts to focus on the right customers.
  • Concentrate on your most active and inactive customers by analysing sales by revenue, quantities and number of invoices across time periods.
  • Measure customer credit terms and payment performance with a comprehensive Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) analysis.
  • Analyse your order processing efficiency by looking into the facts for orders vs. deliveries.
  • Track and analyse your complete sales cycles in one pivot grid.

Purchasing or Accounts Payable

  • Improve purchasing efficiency by getting ready analysis – when did I last buy this item, who were the suppliers, what were the rates.
  • Analyse the purchase by grouping the vendor, Country, Region, item, and more …
  • Easy analyses on a single click of your complete purchase cycles along with the purchasing volume from the vendors.
  • Analyse your top N items and vendors along with their Groups.
  • Get the status of an item in terms of quantity i.e., ordered quantity vs. received quantity, and more through a single report.
  • Consolidate branch and purchase office information on the fly – get consolidated balance’s purchase.


  • Improve efficiency of inventory management by getting the details of current stock and commitments.
  • Control your inventory by slow and non-moving inventory analysis, inventory holding comparison across time periods, and more …
  • Consolidate warehouse information on the fly – get consolidated balance quantities of items across multiple companies.
  • Track and analyse your complete inventory transactions in one single view with different dimensions.


  • Analyse your complete char of accounts by the details from all your GL accounts in one view.
  • Get graphical picture of your profit and loss statement and compare it across multiple companies.
  • Get the comprehensive analysis of the customer receivables by Time, Variation, Location, Sales Employee, and Customer itself.
  • Graphical chart of all documents’ count and value summary in one view for the day to day transactions.
  • A never before report, Journal Report, which shows you the various financial transaction details at one place.