Out of Box Dashboard

  • Get a 360 degree view of your business with real time data
  • Choose from standard dashlets or create your own
  • Customize dashboard layouts to show only the information you need
  • Interactive charts with runtime analysis
    1. top n analysis
    2. drilldown and drill back features
    3. zooming and scrolling
    4. 2D and 3D chart types
    5. over 30 chart types with real-time switching
    6. switch series and value fields in real-time
    7. save your chart definitions for later use
  • Circular and linear gauges
    1. define values, filters and scaling of values
    2. define red, amber and green ranges for values
    3. save your gauge definitions for later use
  • data tables with grouping, sorting and filtering to give detailed tabular information
  • export and email