Why SBOeCube?

SBOeCube is a Business Intelligence Solution for SAP Business One. SBOeCube is based on the in-memory analysis technology as compared to the older OLAP technology used in similar systems.

The main advantages of in-memory analysis over OLAP are as follows:

  • Based on SQL Queries – no knowledge of OLAP and OLAP queries required.
  • Queries are required to send only raw data – Grouping, summation, variation, custom fields, etc. managed in the front end.
  • Eliminates the overhead of managing an OLAP server
  • Reduces the server overhead – distributes the computing needs between server and client
  • Faster response to user commands since no round trips to server
  • Reduces network overhead since commands are processed in memory

SBOeCube provides three main interfaces:

1.     PivotGrid– Cross-tab report with built in Chart Integration

2.     Grid – One Dimensional Report

3.     Dashboard – Multiple reports and charts with a user customizable interface

Reports in SBOeCube can be deployed using the Report Designer tool provided with SBOeCube. The User Administrator tool is used for configuring roles and users and providing cube or report level security.

SBOeCube come pre-packaged with analytical reports and Dashboards, each with numerous dimensions.

The system is intelligent to cater any and all client’s specific unique reporting requirement.

Organize Your Reports: SBOeCube organizes similar reports into cubes. Within each report, different templates or customizations may exist. These are stored as layouts. So when you need a particular analysis you can navigate to the cube, select the report and the required layout for a readymade view of your data.

Reports and layouts can also be organized into favourites (future roadmap) for easy selection of commonly used reports.